Soymilk Wedding | Vava & Mac
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Vava & Mac




The young and creative Vava from Hong Kong came to us with the sweetest love story and the most unique proposal !


This animated film was screened as a suprise gift to the groom, during the wedding reception.

Music by Lullatone


Digital paper cut-out which mimics real paper.


“Thank you so much Soymilk ! It was such a great creative process. I designed the whole theme of my wedding and wanted our unique love video to fit within this theme. I appreciated so much your passion and how your work illustrated my request.  Your concept of digital paper cut out is just perfect and I love your super attention to details ! Thank you for making my cute characters all alive in this super sweet video. We had the best day ever and we witnessed our guests joyful reactions ! Thanks for being part of our wedding” Eva.




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