Soymilk Wedding | Laura & Stu
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Laura & Stu

Laura kindly asked Soymilk to help her with a surprise film to show her fiancee Stu and their respective families and friends during their gorgeous wedding day in London. This film is based on Laura and Stu’s beautiful story, from their very first online meeting to their engagement, topped off with a scene of a future life in their new London home.


This animation was screened in the wedding church, as part of the couple’s ceremony.


A 100% paper pop-up book animated in stop-motion.




“Thank you amazing Soymilk Wedding ! You made our day and it is just the loveliest thing for us to treasure ! The effort you put in and the attention to detail is just incredible ; Thank you again a million times over” Laura and Stu.




Loving it? Get yours now:






Pop up Film