Soymilk Wedding | Joanna & James
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Joanna & James

A Hollywood couple with a real Hollywood love story! Joanna came to us with the perfect script and an amazing surprise for her beloved other half!


A Pop-up book made out of 16 pages, where each flip of the page reveals a chapter of their inspiring and so entertaining journey together.


This surprise film was screened as part of the bride’s speech, during their outstanding wedding reception in the heart of Hollywood.


“From the second I found Soymilk Wedding online, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to surprise my soon-to-be husband James with, at our wedding. The other videos they had done made my mouth drop as they were so unique and heartfelt !
From the first contact with Paul & Jenni, the experience was perfect : they took such care with our story and were so wonderful to work with ! The video blew my husband away and every one of our guests as well : Amazing, brilliant, made me cry, were just a few of the comments we got.

On top of that, we now have our Pop up book to cherish forever ! Honestly, it was so wonderful to work with Soymilk and the product, every step of the way, from the storyboard to the final video, made me smile from ear to ear ; I would do it again and again !! Many thanks for everything !!” Joanna. 




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