Soymilk Wedding | Harriet & James
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Harriet & James

Harriet wanted to surprise her husband-to-be with a very unique gift, that he/they would cherish forever..
As each page turned and revealed key moments of Harriet & James love story and journey together, family and guests were both captivated and emotional!!
James then followed with his own speech, opening with ” Well, how do you top THAT?! ”


This animated film was screened following Harriet’s gorgeous speech to her husband James.


Music by Hunter G K Thompson, “Clouds”


A 100% paper pop-up book animated frame by frame in stop-motion.



“I cannot thank Paul and Jenni enough for helping me create the most amazing animation capturing our love story! They were very approachable, creative, and just a delight to work with. My husband James and our wedding guests were just blown away. Soymilk Wedding is highly recommended!” Harriet.




Loving it? Get yours now: