Soymilk Wedding | Angèle & Omar
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Angèle & Omar

This stop motion paper animation was created for a bridesmaid’s speech to her best friend, who was getting married in France. It tells the story around the bridesmaid and the bride, from the first moment they met, their travels together, their highs and lows, their love stories, to their predicted future!


This animated film was screened as the bridesmaid’s speech towards an international guests audience.


Traditional 2D animation and cutouts mixed in with handcrafted sets.


“Being the bride of honor for my French BFF living in Hong Kong and marrying an American guy with family from the Middle East, I thought had to come out with a message that would cross all language barriers. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more poetic and moving message that the one Soymilk came out with. Capturing the very essence of the couple history across different episodes of their life, the movie just made the full audience shivers with emotions. The journey to production was delightfully creative and the outcome brilliant. A pure gift I would recommend to any of you willing to make an original and sensed present for a special day and beyond.” Nadine




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