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How it works

Beautiful, memorable and truly unique   films for your special day.

Compare our Packages

Save the Date video





- Choose your favourite Theme (Kokeshi, Pop-up, Collage)
- Personalised with your own photos and wedding details
- Up to 30 seconds
- HD quality
- All languages available
- Perfect for sharing with your loved ones
- Optimised for social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram...)
- Production time: 10 days

* All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar)



- Choose your favourite Theme (Kokeshi, Pop-up, Collage)
- Personalised story with your own photos and text
- Choose your Extras
- Up to 2 minutes
- x2 customised characters
- HD quality
- All languages available
- Wow your guests!
- Production time: 4 weeks

Love film



The Extras


Custom USB

Keep your cherished film secure on this beautiful 4GB USB flash drive
featuring a natural hardwood shell made from FSC® certified European Maple Wood.
We will even personalise it by Laser engraving your names! A fantastic keepsake!

Laser Engraved


Pop-up Book

Your Love Story in the palm of your hands!

Flip through the chapters of your love journey
with this amazing memento to be kept for generations.

*Only available with Full Cream

Save the Date

The perfect companion for the Skim package is a Save
the Date video in the same style to tease your audience
before the big day! They will LOVE it!

*Only Available with Skim

A teaser for your film


Portrait Print

A3 Canvas

A canvas print perfect for turning your most
memorable frame into a work of art. Printed on
high quality poly-cotton satin canvas (350gsm)

*Frame not included


BYO Song

Do you have a specific song in mind?
Let us know the title and we can include it with your film!

*Due to Copyright laws, you will only be able to show your
love film privately (at the wedding and in your private circles)

Got a special love song?


Sound effects

Sound plays a huge role in the experience of a film, some say 50%!
We will sift through our massive sound collection and also record our
own custom sounds to make sure we have the right sounds for your story.

Top off the audio experience!


Making-of Video

Go behind the scenes and see how your film was made!

*Only available with Full Cream

Tell us your Story

We firstly ask you to send us a short paragraph describing your love story, how you met, the proposal, or any keys elements you would like to have in your film.

We also ask you to send us some photos of both of you and any important prop, human beings or pets you would like to be featured in the story. (These photos are purely for our own reference and used only to help designing your key characters).

Our Creative Process

  • Script

    Your love story

  • Storyboard

    Your film in a series of little drawings

  • Production

    Bringing your story to life

  • Send

    Posting your film on a custom USB

  • Screening

    Celebrate with your loved ones!


Where are you based?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and thanks to the web we are working with couples all around the world! 

What is stop motion?

Stop motion animation is a cinematic process or technique we use in our Full Cream packages, used to make static objects appear as they were moving. The objects are brought to life by breaking up the figure’s motion into tiny increments while shooting one frame of film at a time. Nuts yes but we love it and so will you!

How long does it take?

Depending on your chosen package, our video making process takes between 2 and 6 weeks.

Do I have to appear in person on the video?

No worries, as our videos are mostly animations, we never shove a camera in your face.

Can I ask for a customised package?

You sure can! We can arrange, modify, or totally customise a Full Cream package, in order to suit you best by just having a little chat with you.

Who picks the music?

It depends on your package. For Save the Date (Light) and Skim packages we have a number of lovely tracks that we use. You can however use your own track with Skim and Full Cream packages by choosing a BYO Song Extra.

How do we book you?

Head over to our Booking Form first to make your order. We then ask Light and Skim to be paid in full upfront and a 50% deposit for Full Cream.

Can I have my film in another language than English?

Of course! We can do your video in the language and alphabet of your choice. Simply send us your text in your preferred language.

I am a wedding planner, can I partner with you?

Absolutely! We are always open for collaborations and are happy to work with planners. Give us a call today to chat about how we can work together.

Ready to go?

Fill out our simple Booking Form and let’s get started!