Soymilk Wedding | How it works
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Save the Date





- Choose your favourite Theme (Kokeshi, Pop-Up)
- Personalised with your own photos and wedding details
- Up to 30 seconds
- HD quality
- All languages available
- Perfect for sharing with your loved ones
- Optimised for social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram...)
- Production time: 10 days

* All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar)

Pick your Theme and Clip

 Upload your details

Tell us your names, wedding date and location to include in the video.

Send us some photos of both of you and we will customise your video according to your Theme of choice!

Our Creative Process

  • Details

    Your text and photos

  • Design

    Confirm your character design

  • Production

    We work our magic

  • Tadaa!

    Receive a private link with your Save the Date video

  • Share

    Share it with your loved ones!


How do I share the video with my guests?

You have several options for sharing your video, you can:

  • Share your video on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Send the video directly via email or WhatsApp
  • Send a private Vimeo link to your contacts
  • Put your video on the home page of your website
What can I customise?

You can personalise the following:

  • Your names.
  • Outfits and facial features of the couple.
  • Date and location of your wedding.
How long does it take?

Standard production time of our Save the Date videos is 10 working days.

What’s included in the package?

You will receive you video as a private link in two formats:

  • HD optimized for Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook
  • SD optimized for emails, Twitter and Whatsapp.

You will also receive a private link to your video on Vimeo so you can share it straight away with your family and friends. Your video will be in private mode so only the people you share the link with can see it. If you do not wish your video to be uploaded on Vimeo, simply mention it when you purchase the video and we won’t upload it.

What about the music?

Each Clip comes with its own soundtrack and unique sound effects, carefully picked to match the animation.

Can I have my film in another language than English?

Of course! We can do your video in the language and alphabet of your choice. Simply send us your text in your preferred language.

What if I need some changes?

No worries! The Light package includes:

  • x2 revisions for the Characters
  • x1 revision for the Text
What is a title card?

In film language, a title card is a piece of text edited in between scenes to describe the action that is about to occur.

Ready to go?

Fill out our simple Booking Form and let’s get started!