Soymilk Wedding | About Us
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Our Mission

Beautiful, memorable and truly unique   films for your special day.


French born, Paul called many places around the world home, but Australia is where he finally landed. A short decade later, Paul spends his days drawing and animating. Teacher and talented multi-tasker, he is the animator behind Soymilk. Paul can also be found taking Capoeira classes, and dreaming of becoming an international Ukulele superstar.


Jenni makes all manner of things look unique and stylish. She is the hand behind Soymilk. After studying Fine Arts & Design in Paris for a good bunch of years, Jenni packed her savoir-faire and expatriated her French touch to Aussie land! When not designing cool stuff, Jenni is pianoing, doodling, traveling, flea-marketing, tea-making, collecting everything Scandinavian.

Our Story

Back in 2013 a good friend came to us with a bit of a problem. Her bestie was getting married and she (as the bridesmaid) would be on speech-duty. But on top of the pressures of public-speaking she was also going to face an audience of guests and relatives hailing from all over the globe! Being familiar with our work she asked if we could create an animated film for her to show during the speech. We instantly said yes and got super excited about this new concept!


Little did we know that this small favour would eventually snowball into a fully grown business…


Together we turned her beautiful friendship story into visuals and motion into a unique bridesmaid speech. This very special gift was such a hit during the wedding and was so much fun making, that we started to think about how we could make the next one. After a few weeks of brainstorming, Soymilk Wedding was born! Fast forward to today and the company is now a brainchild of our Motion Design boutique, Soymilk Studio.


We love telling stories and making films and believe that the best ones are out there in the real-world. We can’t wait to recreate yours!